Tungsten microelectrodes

Tunglass-2 tungsten microelectrodes with glass insulation of extreme durability

Part number:
W2011S Standard tip,
W2011F Fine tip
W2011EF Extra-fine tip

Manufactured by proprietary method, this glass insulated tungsten microelectrode represents a truly exceptional solution to many drawbacks associated with more traditional metal microelectrodes.

The industry standard gold-plated pin on top allows a low-resistance galvanic connection to most headstage probes. The 1.5 mm outer diameter borosilicate glass sheathing provides an additional support for the fine tungsten wire and allows a convenient way to handle and to attach this microelectrode to any holder.

Next to the holder section, the glass forms a 40 to 80 micrometer thick electrically insulating layer sturdily adhering to the lead element tungsten wire for about a length of 35 mm. Finally, the glass insulation tapers onto the tungsten tip, etched to standard, fine or extra-fine profile.

  • True pin-hole free insulation
  • Re-usable many times
  • Selectable tip styles & impedances
  • Mating female pin provided
  • Autoclavable to 140 °C

Selectable impedances:
Standard tip, W2011S: 1, 1.5 or 2.0 MOhm
Fine tip, W2011F: 2, 4 or 6 MOhm
Extra-fine tip: 2.5 MOhm
Other impedances on special order.
Sold in box of 7 or box of 20 electrodes.
Please specify tip style, impedance and quantity when order.

  • Tungsten-in-glass  microelectrode
  • Tungsten-in-glass ME SEM image