Spikelmplant-1 Implantable miniature carbon fiber microelectrode

Part number:
ICFE21025 for 25μm carbon tip
ICFE210100 for 100μm carbon tip

A marvel of miniaturization, this multifunction microelectrode can be as short as 10 mm of total length. A 10 μm carbon fiber is encapsulated in solid borosilicate glass for durable mechanical support and electrical insulation. Its exposed tip serves as a working microelectrode whilst it makes good electrical connection with a micro miniature gold-plated pin atop. A mating female socket is provided with pre-attached insulated lead wire. The conical glass ending and a sharp carbon tip allow easy brain penetration with minimal tissue damage. Two carbon tip lengths are offered: 25 micrometer for neuroelectrical, and, 100 micrometer for neurochemical applications. The carbon tip can be developed into more specific biosensors of many types. Standard lengths are shown; longer than 3.5 mm glass shanks are available on request.

  • Mini implantable carbon microelectrode