Carbon fibers have outstanding mechanical and electrical properties and provide an excellent base electrode for electrophysiological, electrochemical or biosensor applications on a micrometer scale. As microelectrodes, they provide superior extracellular recordings similar the best tungsten electrodes.

This video showcases the Kation Gravipull-4 micropipette puller in action, demonstrating the process of pulling pipettes with standard or long tapers from both multi-barreled and single capillary blanks. Our puller features a unique two-stage pull method that enables the creation of extra-long tapers, even for multi-barreled micropipettes.

Products of Kation Scientific have been used in hundreds of studies that resulted in more than 300 papers published in high-quality journals. Here is a list of arbitrarily selected articles exemplifying the use of our microelectrodes and electrophysiology instruments.