European Price List

The Kation Europa Bt. is located in Hungary, a member country of the European Union (EU). This simplifies ordering procedures and speeds up deliveries with no custom procedures or fees from within the Union without including any value added tax (VAT) from countries other than Hungary. Prices and quality are the same as they are in the US with significantly less shipping fee. Neighboring, non-EU or other Old World countries may also be served from here with no extra charge. However, shipping charges, insurances, sales tax or customs duties (if applicable) are on the buyer.

Products sold by Kation Scientific or Kation Europa Bt. are for experimental purposes only that do not involve human subjects. 

Order address: 

Kation Europa Bt.

4. Koerzet 1.
Kunfeherto, 6413


Phone: +36 20 801 5037

Fax: +36 62 491 433

E-mail: or

Note: E-mail orders are preferred and responded to faster


Our EU Community VAT number is: HU21904961. Please provide yours for accounting purposes when ordering. Preferred language is English.

Payment options:


Non-institutional or non-EU customers are usually expected to pay in advance using electronic fund transfer.